Do you need a full birth certificate for a passport?

Yes, one of the requirements to complete your passport application is to supply a full birth certificate.


Applying for a passport may seem daunting as there are a number of requirements and documents needed to complete your application, not to mention the changes over the past few years to UK passport applications. 


One of the requirements to complete your passport application is to supply a full birth certificate. A full birth certificate, otherwise referred to as long form or unabridged certificate includes the names of both parents if applicable. A short birth certificate is usually issued at the time of birth, it does not have the parents’ details included and is not accepted by the passport office in support of a passport application.


There may also be other documents which are required in addition to the full birth certificate, for example, if you have married and you have taken your spouse’s name you will also be required to supply a copy of your marriage certificate.


Please note, when applying for a British passport it is important that the certificate is issued within three months of the passport application date.


Should you require a full birth certificate for a passport application, UK Document Services can help you. The most effective way to get the ball rolling on this, is for you to order online. Simply complete all the relevant fields on the order form and the order will be processed accordingly.


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