Do birth certificates need apostille stamps?

Depending on who the birth certificate is being presented to, will determine if an apostille is required. We would always suggest asking the organisation who is requesting the birth certificate, whether an apostilled document is required.



The apostille stamp is a certificate of authenticity, which is also known as legalisation or legalising a document.


Should you be presenting a document in an overseas country, the authorities overseas find it difficult to determine whether the document is genuine and legal. An apostille stamp ensures that your birth certificate is recognised and accepted overseas by the member states of the Hague Convention. These countries validate the document by the authority of the apostille stamp, rather than the document itself.


The United Kingdom is part of the Hague Convention. For countries that have signed to the Hague Convention, documents used to be legalised by the consular of a country. Now an apostille is required instead.


Should you require an apostille on a birth certificate the most effective way to get the ball rolling on this, is for you to order online. 


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